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Hello! And welcome to my creative hub on the web. I’m Selena – and I’m an actress, writer and storyteller that wants to find fun, new ways to produce content to relevant audiences.

I have a hell of a history with humans from around the globe. Growing up in North Carolina, I worked on set when I was a wee little girl, soon traveling to New York where I practiced Martial Arts (I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Mess with me if you must…) and also trained horses (I can jump over anything and everything at incredibly high speeds). I was soon whisked away to Holland (yes, THE holland/netherlands) where I went to school in Belgium and trained in theater there. Fast forward to a lot of different moves, and now I’m in Los Angeles training and creating.

If you’re interested in my training, special abilities or credits, feel free to take a peek at my resume. For quick reference, I’m currently working on Improv at Second City, and train at the Noho Actors Studio. I love taking part in cold reading groups, scene study, and writing groups.