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Hello! And welcome to my creative hub on the web. I’m Selena – and I’m an actress, writer and storyteller that wants to find fun, new ways to produce content to relevant audiences.

What I’m currently up to:

I’ll be updating this section with recent news and projects. As of March 2o17…

  • Currently producing a feature film: External Living.
  • Just finished filming a supporting role in the film Sam Sam.
  • Completed Killian’s Commercial Workshop.

I have a hell of a history with humans from around the globe. Growing up in North Carolina, I worked on set when I was a wee little girl, soon traveling to New York where I practiced Martial Arts (I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Mess with me if you must…) and also trained horses (I can jump over anything and everything at incredibly high speeds). I was soon whisked away to Holland (yes, THE holland/netherlands) where I went to school in Belgium and trained in theater there. Fast forward to a lot of different moves, and now I’m in Los Angeles training and creating.

If you’re interested in my training, special abilities or credits, feel free to take a peek at my resume. For quick reference, I’m had training for Improv at Second City, Scene Study at Noho Actors Studio, and just recently completed Killian’s Commercial Workshop.

Outside of film, I largely obsess over the intersection of technology and entertainment, as well as new means of story telling such as VR and AR. Basically, anything tech or science related and I’m IN.


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